Change is something all of us have been facing on a daily basis in these difficult and interesting times. Today, there may be some in Brookhaven who are disappointed or frustrated with the outcome of the election, while others are elated with the results. And others who are indifferent.

John Ernst is the mayor of Brookhaven.

One thing I can tell you, no matter the election outcome, we are all still in it together. While we may disagree politically, it is our differing opinions and viewpoints that make us stronger. They allow us to understand different perspectives and allow us to make better, more inclusive decisions.

The City Council, our incredible staff and I remain steadfast on our journey with you to make our city better with each passing day. There will be successes and there will be misses, but our drive to improve remains our top priority.

A lot of unknowns and changes lie ahead, but if we continue to look to each other with compassion and respect, we will get through it together. No matter what we face.

To be great, we have to be better each day. To be better, we must be united.

United together in Brookhaven leads to a united DeKalb, a united Georgia and a more United States. We will never be perfect, but by working together, we will never fail. We will remain strong.

When we get out of the pandemic, we are going to have one hell of a celebration.

Be safe, wear a mask and be kind to one another. Thank you all for standing united and making Brookhaven better, stronger and the greatest city.

John Ernst

John Ernst is the mayor of Brookhaven.