The Brookhaven City Council has approved a contract to repave 24 streets in the city, including nine in the newly annexed LaVista Park area. 

During its April 13 meeting, the council approved a $3,564,897.49 contract with Allied Paving Contractors. The council also approved a loan of $1,215,123 from its General Fund unassigned fund balance to the LaVista Park Special Tax District fund for that area’s paving project.

The city completed a road inspection in 2016 and adopted a five-year paving plan from 2017 to 2021, according to city documents. In 2020, the city completed an updated road inspection including streets within the newly annexed LaVista Park area.

When the city annexed LaVista Park in December of 2019, the area became a “special tax district” where property owners would continue to pay higher DeKalb County taxes until infrastructure improvements necessary to bring the area up to Brookhaven’s standards were paid off. The city adopted this standard for annexed areas earlier in 2019 to make sure tax dollars from existing property owners wouldn’t go towards improvements the county failed to make. 

According to city documents, the LaVista Park Special Tax District will repay the loan from the general fund over the next three years with annual payments of $400,000. The payments will start in December of 2021. 

A city spokesperson could not immediately clarify when the paving would begin. City Manager Christian Sigman said once the paving is finished, infrastructure improvements to bring the LaVista Park area up to the city’s standards will be completed. Larry Hoskins, president of the LaVista Park Civic Association, spoke in public comment.

“We’re excited to have this last bit of work done — which will obviously be the most visible piece, with repaving — and appreciate the hard work of all of those involved with the city,” Hoskins said. 

The nine streets that will be paved in LaVista Park are: Brook Valley Lane, Citadel Drive, Brook Forest Drive, Longwood Trace, Mayfair Drive, Merriman Lane, Sheridan Court, Vista Valley Drive and Wild Creek Trail.

The 15 streets that will be paved throughout the rest of Brookhaven are: Appalachee Drive, Brawley Circle, Brawley Drive, Brawley Way, Cartecay Drive, Cove Circle, Drew Valley Road, Murphy Candler Court, Nancy Creek Way, Oaklawn Avenue, Oglethorpe Avenue, East Osborne Road, Pine Ridge Road, Saint Clair Court and Woods Circle.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.