Art Sandy Springs, in partnership with the City of Sandy Springs, is currently accepting entries for its third annual public outdoor sculpture competition, “ArtSS in the Open.” 

The competition creates an annually changing outdoor sculpture gallery surrounding the City Green park at City Springs, 1 Galambos Way. At the end of the exhibition, the city will purchase at least one of the sculptures for permanent placement. 

The sculpture “Willow” as it appeared at City Green in 2020 during a previous round of “ArtSS in the Open.” (File)

The application deadline for entry is April 26. There is no entry fee. Each artist may submit up to three sculptures for review using this link. Entries should be existing works of high artistic quality and must be completed before submission. They must require minimal maintenance and be created with non-hazardous materials. Weather-resistant, pedestrian safe sculptures that are appropriate for viewers of all ages are required. They must not exceed 2,000 pounds.

The sculptures will go through a juried selection process. Those that are selected will be installed in August. Selected artists receive an honorarium of $1,500.

Art Sandy Springs launched “ArtSS in the Open” in 2005. It became a collaborative project with the city in 2017.

The current exhibit can be viewed online here

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Reporter Newspapers.