Brookhaven has set aside an additional $200,000 for design and engineering work for the city’s new Langford Park. 

The city purchased the property at 1174 Pine Grove Ave. in April of 2020 with the intention of adding a new public park. In October of 2020, the council approved funds for the project in the amount of $141,746.86. At its May 25 meeting, the council voted to move an additional $200,000 into the Langford Park fund. 

The funds will be used to cover design and engineering costs for the park, said Finance Director Alex Dimov. The council approved a master plan for park amenities and improvements at its March 30 meeting. The city will work on individual projects in the master plan as funding becomes available. 

A site plan of the amenities to be added in the city’s new Langford Park at 1174 Pine Grove Ave.

The new park will be located in the Brookhaven Heights neighborhood. 

“I wanted to express from Brookhaven Heights’ perspective our appreciation for the ongoing engagement and support of the park,” said Larry Sitton, a resident of the neighborhood who spoke during the May 25 meeting. “Folks are excited about it.” 

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.