Brookhaven’s social justice commission will create a survey to give to city staff to learn more about equity in relation to hiring practices in the city. 

Brookhaven created the Social Justice, Race and Equity Commission in September of 2020 in order to address issues of diversity and equity in the city’s hiring practices, procurement and contracting practices, vision and mission statement, and policing. The commission is expected to make recommendations regarding all of those topics to the Brookhaven City Council later this year. 

During a July 6 meeting, the SJREC’s Hiring and Retention Subcommittee discussed the creation of a survey that will be sent out to city staff to gauge staff experience with equity in the workplace. Co-Chair Tywana Minor said when she brought the idea of a staff survey to the city, they asked that the Hiring and Retention Subcommittee help develop the questions. 

Minor said the survey is expected to give the subcommittee more data about equity in the city’s work environment before making recommendations to the City Council. 

“The objective of the survey is to get a better understanding of the sentiments of how people have experienced working at the city of Brookhaven from a standpoint of their hiring experience, but also just their work experience in general …” Minor said. “Currently there is no employee engagement survey done at the city of Brookhaven, so there is no data that has ever really captured the work experience.”

Minor said the questions should focus on equity and staff’s experience and perception of the hiring and retention practices held by the city. The subcommittee is split in two teams, one focusing on hiring and one on retention, and each team will meet to think through what questions they would like to include on the survey. 

“We want to give that about a two week timeframe,” Minor said. “Two weeks from today, we’d like to have each sub-team to have met and to have thought through some of those very thoughtful questions we feel we want to ask staff.”

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.