Megan Matousek and Kate Atwood

There is no limit to Atlanta’s creative spirit, and that’s exactly what has inspired the founders of a new streaming network to launch and base their business here. LoCo+ (pronounced Loco plus) is the first streaming service to curate and distribute lifestyle, culture, business, and entertainment content made by local creators. 

“Independent content creators today, who are serious about their craft, toggle on average between 2.5 platforms, trying to find the one that will efficiently build an audience and make money,” said LoCo+ co-founder and CEO Kate Atwood. “LoCo+ is an opportunity for them to level-up from the one-size-fits-all video-sharing platforms and help them grow and make a living.”

An Atlanta resident, Atwood created teen grief support organization Kate’s Club, served as executive director of ChoseATL and executive director of the Arby’s Foundation. She is quick to stress that LoCo+ is a collaborative creation with two other co-founders, Megan Matousek and Ronald B. Williams. 

“Now more than ever, people are looking for a personalized experience to consume content that brings them closer to what’s happening outside their front door,” said Williams, LoCo+ co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “LoCo+ provides a pivotal opportunity to power-up creativity, commerce and community in an innovative way that resonates most with the next generation.”

According to Atwood, the inspiration for LoCo+ came from her time with ChooseATL. “The Metro Atlanta Chamber’s initiative included attracting millennial talent to the region. I was moved by the lack of infrastructure and access to local content,” she said. “Atlanta is rich with young people struggling to find ways to connect with the city in a meaningful way – our food, music, commerce, culture.”

Ronald B. Williams

She noted that millennials are the first generation to watch more media that is not created by traditional media sources, “yet there is no infrastructure in streaming to watch this new, independent media in a curated, localized way.”

LoCo+ gives creators a strategic entry point to build their careers supported by a city-based community. For viewers, LoCo+ is a geo-filtered network of shorts, series and films that provides a community-based lens to content.

Atwood said she met co-founding partner Megan Matousek just after she left the Hollywood studio system after years at Lucasfilm, LAIKA, ILM and Disney. “We mutually saw an opportunity to address the issue of independent content creators not having a way to get their work ‘out there.’

“We provide a network connection with the tools to monetize online and uniquely offline,” Atwood stressed. “No other app or online video platform is offering them the same perks and connections.” 

Atwood said that the LoCo+ team has already met with more than 100 content creators around Atlanta, and the LoCo+ team has been blown away at seeing the best of Atlanta creators and filmmakers.

She and Matousek want Atlanta content creators to know that they have a constant invitation to submit their quality work. “LoCo+ was created for you!” Matousek said. “We’re here for you with your chance to shine and profit. If you have a web series, short film, documentary, long form film, music video — content that’s already produced — we want to hear from you.”

While it’s starting locally, LoCo+ has its sights set on providing service in cities across America. The service is set to launch this fall, with apps available through ioS and Android, with connected TV to follow.

LoCo+ is currently collecting and curating submissions from Atlanta-based content creators. Anyone can submit, and the range of content includes lifestyle series, vodcasts, music videos, short films and more. Content creators can submit their work for licensing consideration at

Kathy Dean

Kathy Dean is a freelance writer and editor based in metro Atlanta.