Melissa Mular has announced her candidacy for the District 3 Sandy Springs City Council seat in the Nov. 2 municipal election.

Mular seeks the seat held by incumbent Chris Burnett, who has yet to announce his plans on reelection.

Melissa Mular (Special)

All six City Council seats and the Sandy Springs mayor’s post are up for election on Nov. 2. Qualifying for the municipal election will be held from Aug. 16-20.

Mular is an executive with IBM Global Technology Services and serves on the Autumn Chace Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

“I am an experienced businesswoman and HOA director who is adept at bringing people together to solve complex problems, and I believe my skills and experiences could well serve the people of Sandy Springs,” she said.

Her goals for City Council are to:

·        Maintain and enhance the city’s public safety posture making sure that first responders have the resources that they need to do their jobs;

·        Curb density growth to maintain and enhance neighborhood character and quality of life;

·        Encourage and support citizen participation in developing solutions to the challenges facing our city.

Sandy Springs needs to continue its positive trajectory and encourage citizen participation, she said.

Since 2011, Mular has been active in the Autumn Chace HOA, serving in multiple board and committee positions. She said this included creating and managing a $900,000-plus annual budget for the 172-townhome development. In addition, she has represented the HOA on rezoning applications and roadway improvement projects that impact the Autumn Chace community.

Mular relocated to Sandy Springs in 1999 for her job. She has three college degrees, including a master’s degree and five professional certifications. At IBM, she said she has led large, global teams providing technology services to Fortune 100 companies.

“In my career and HOA work, I have learned that diverse points of view can generate better solutions to problems and that when provided the opportunity, people of varying interests and goals will work together for the betterment and sustainability of their community,” Mular said.  

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Reporter Newspapers.