The Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber will host an art contest and showcase the winners in their annual community publication.

Each year, the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber – a business organization for the perimeter region – produces a Dunwoody Community Guide in both print and digital formats. For the 2022 edition, the chamber plans to showcase Dunwoody’s arts community by holding a competition, according to a press release.

“Art adds a vital dimension to our city and is an important component in developing a sense of community,” said Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber President and CEO Stephanie Freeman in the press release. “This art contest represents a creative opportunity for the Chamber to partner with our city in a unique way.”

The contest is open to all Dunwoody residents, including students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The contest theme is “Get to Know Dunwoody,” and participants are encouraged to reflect on places, people and anything else that makes them think of Dunwoody.

The deadline to submit your artwork is Sep. 20. Only paintings and drawings will be accepted. A picture of the artwork should be emailed to, and include the name of the artist, the school and grade level if the artist is a student, mailing address, email address, and phone number. Winners will be selected by Sep. 27.

Guidelines for submitting artwork can be found below: 

  • Good lighting: light your work properly. If you are shooting your work indoors, do so in a room with plenty of windows and natural light. Avoid shadows falling on the artwork. 
  • Take the photo straight on (avoid angles) – Hang your artwork on the wall (preferably a white or neutral colored wall). Avoid leaning it up against a wall and shooting from a downward angle. 
  • Use a tripod to take the photo (if you can). 
  • Leave a space around the artwork for cropping later in the design. 
  • Send the highest quality of image — good resolution, least compression, and biggest size (preferably nothing under 10MB — jpeg/tiff are good formats to work with).
  • Send the artwork as an attachment (not embedded in an email). 
  • Adjust your camera and settings. 
  • Edit your photos to perfection. 

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.