The city of Dunwoody is looking for volunteers to help with its second annual clean up day on Oct. 16.

The event, which the city calls “The Great Dunwoody Cleanup,” allows for residents to help tidy up the city by picking up trash and clearing debris from storm drains, according to a press release. Residents can pick a spot in Dunwoody – a street, stream, neighborhood, common area, or wooded area – and fill out an online form to let the city’s stormwater team where they will be working. 

“We started this last year as an alternative to our annual stream cleanup and had such strong participation that we wanted to do it again,” said Dunwoody Stormwater Manager Carl Thomas in the press release. “The #GreatDunwoodyCleanup gives everyone in the community a role to play in protecting our environment.”

Residents can participate individually or in groups. The event will last from “sunrise to sundown” on Oct. 16. Participants are encouraged to post photos of their progress on that date and use the hashtag #GreatDunwoodyCleanup. 

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.