Mark Ashworth is a native of Manchester, England, but considers himself an ATLien, having lived here since 1997. He’s been working in film and television since 2008, with a front-row seat to the exponential growth of the film industry in Georgia.

This week, Atlanta indie rock staple PLS PLS unveiled a new video for the song “The Island,” in which Ashworth plays the tortured protagonist.

“I’ve known Director Calvin Florian for decades, and we’ve been trying to work together, and the stars finally aligned. I knew his creative collaborator David Naugle, and it turned out I also remembered Dan Dixon from Dropsonic back in the MJQ days…

Top fellas the lot, and so talented in their own right. When I heard ‘The Island‘ I was all in. WHAT A CHOON!”

Mark shared what he’s calling his Top 5 Diverse Loves:

1. Best place to make a difference
Wellroot Family Services: My family has been a foster parent household since December 2018. We recently had the experience of taking care of some children in need, and it was so challenging and rewarding among a multitude of other feelings, of course. Wellroot is an amazing organization that helps children and their foster parents navigate the long and winding road of being in care. If you’ve ever thought about fostering and wondered if you could, Wellroot is there to answer any and all questions. Did you know that Georgia currently has 11,921 children in foster care?

2. Best place for watching Premier League
The Brewhouse Cafe. Manchester United is one of my biggest passions (and England FC), and therefore I’d be remiss to not include my favorite place to watch the footy and have a cheeky pint of Guinness … or two. I’ve met so many dear friends in that boozer, and I’m not sure I could say I’d still be here in Atlanta had I not met them all. They gave me a feeling of being home, away from home … and being mingin’ in the mornin’ (Say hello to Shaz for me).

3. Best place for gluten-free pizza
La Cavalera: I’ve been having to watch my gluten intake the older I’ve gotten (thanks God!), so you can imagine my euphoria at finding this absolute gem on Memorial Dr. Their ingredients are sourced from local farms, and you can tell they care when they talk about the type of meat they put on their pizzas being humanely raised. The gluten-free pizza is the best in town, and has an INCREDIBLE cashew nut butter cheese for any vegans out there. It’s a family-run business, and they are lovely and amazing.

4. Best intown photographer
Fernando Decillis Photography: Fernando is my favorite photographer ANYWHERE! He’s originally from Uruguay, but has lived here since he was ten years old. Such a keen eye and so, SO good at capturing real life in motion. What an amazing gift he has for storytelling.

5. Best place for an intown wander
Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve: It really is such a treat to be able to feel like you’re away from all the hubbub, but not having to actually do the drive to get there. Clyde Shepherd is a beautiful intown place to go and enjoy the serenity of nature, with groovy, well-maintained boardwalks to keep you out of the mud, and great bird watching around the small beaver pond. It’s located in the International School neighborhood in Decatur off of Scott Blvd. 

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