Dale Boone

Candidate for Brookhaven City Council, District 4

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1) What are three issues directly affecting your district you would plan to address while serving on the council?

Crime is out of control in District 4. We had a murder on North Cliff Valley Road, not to mention the attack on the Peachtree Creek Greenway. I will take a bite out of crime, and have a zero tolerance for crime in District 4 and all of Brookhaven.

Lower Taxes: I will work to get lower taxes for all homeowners, plus help the apartment complexes give better rates so families and single people can work towards becoming homeowners.

Pet-friendly parks: We need more pet and family friendly parks. I will work to make sure District 4 has its own park.

2) Brookhaven is expected to receive recommendations from the Social Justice, Race and Equity Commission (SJREC) this year. How should the council go about making active steps to ensure those are implemented properly?

I have been in an interracial marriage for 10 years. I know all too well about injustice. I have lost a few friends because of my marriage. But as I told them and everyone, I am very proud of her and happy she is my wife. She is my strength. Their recommendations will be heard to the fullest extent, and we will act accordingly.

3) What can the council do to better public safety?

I have spoken to many officers. We need to increase our public safety budget. We need to hire more officers to help. The City Council has neglected the budget way too long. From day one in office, I will work on expanding the budget for public safety.

4) What can the council do to help support residents on the Buford Highway Corridor?

Stop the crime on Buford Highway, help promote our section of Buford Highway, and help to update the businesses on Buford Highway. We need Buford Highway to serve the community, not to be turned into more high price town homes. We can fix and update businesses to where they would attract citizens and tourists alike.

5) With COVID-19 cases back on the rise, what more can the council do to address and promote safety from the virus?

Clarification: COVID-19 cases were rising when The Reporter initially asked candidates this question. COVID-19 cases in Georgia can be tracked on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website.

Whether it is COVID-19 or the next virus that comes along, simple practice of good hygiene and precautions. These should not only be practiced in public, and should be taught in schools and in general. I am not saying live in fear, but just use common sense.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.