Catherine Lautenbacher

Candidate for Dunwoody City Council, District 1 Local


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1) What are the top three issues directly affecting your district you would plan to address while serving on the council? 

Energize local business: the support of local, unique establishments encourages more businesses like them, creating vital economic activity for our city.

Establish community leadership: I want to initiate a program to actively engage citizens in all aspects of civic service, transforming individuals into community champions.

Enhance our new parks: I support investing in our parks, establishing long-lasting active and passive recreation destinations for our neighbors.

2) Other communities have created social justice commissions to deal with issues of equity and race, particularly following the events of last year. Do you think that’s something Dunwoody could benefit from?  

Yes. Focusing on equity is important for every community.  We all benefit by bringing more diverse voices to the table.

3) What can the council do to better public safety? 

Ensure the benefits we offer our outstanding police department are commensurate with the value we place on them. The council needs to retain top talent.

4) How can the council support development in the Dunwoody Village while balancing the concerns of residents?

Improving Dunwoody Village does not mean building a new Avalon.  It does not mean adding housing. It means adding greenspace, inviting unique concepts, and making creative decisions.

5) With COVID-19 cases back on the rise, what more can the council do to address and promote safety from the virus?  

Clarification: COVID-19 cases were rising when The Reporter initially asked candidates this question. COVID-19 cases in Georgia can be tracked on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website.

Mayor Lynn Deutsch has done an excellent job of setting the right tone for us. We need to think of this as “Team Dunwoody.” Let’s be first in vaccinations, and last in the number of cases.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.