Tom Lambert

Candidate for Dunwoody City Council, District 3 Local


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1) What are the top three issues directly affecting your district you would plan to address while serving again on the council? 

My focus as a member of the City Council has always been on those issues that have the greatest influence on our quality of life. Specific to District 3, I have been working hard to ensure the construction of our multi-use trail network along Winters Chapel Road (Dunwoody Club to Peeler) and continuing that multi-use trail along Peeler to Windwood Hollow Park (with eventual plans to connect all the way to Brook Run Park and beyond). We need to complete the planned improvements to our new Waterford Park (playground, restroom facilities and trail network). It is also important to promote creative enhancements and placemaking opportunities in the Jett Ferry and Winters Chapel Character areas that support the local businesses and establish points of interest for the community.

2) Other communities have created social justice commissions to deal with issues of equity and race, particularly following the events of last year. Do you think that’s something Dunwoody could benefit from?  

We have a responsibility to ensure access, equity, participation, and human rights for everyone in our community.  I maintain an open mind on how we can most effectively achieve this ideal.

3) What can the council do to better public safety?  

A fully staffed and well-trained police department is essential to the safety of all who live, work and play in Dunwoody.  The city council recently completed a review of our police compensation package (pay and benefits), and made adjustments to ensure that we can consistently attract and retain the highest quality officers. We must continue to provide the resources required to ensure frequent and high quality training for our police.

4) How can the council support development in the Dunwoody Village while balancing the concerns of residents?

The goals of creating a vibrant Dunwoody Village and protecting the integrity of the surrounding neighborhoods are not mutually exclusive.  I have personally met with the adjoining property owners (along with Councilmembers Stacey Harris and Villard Bastien) to listen to concerns and work on solutions. I remain actively engaged in the process of working towards a favorable resolution.

5) With COVID-19 cases back on the rise, what more can the council do to address and promote safety from the virus?  

Clarification: COVID-19 cases were rising when The Reporter initially asked candidates this question. COVID-19 cases in Georgia can be tracked on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website.

Although the City Council is limited by Governor Kemp’s executive order, which bans local governments from imposing COVID-19 safety restrictions on private businesses, we are certainly not powerless.  Information is a critical weapon in our battle against COVID.  Staying on top of ever-changing news related to the virus and its variants, vaccines, new cases and CDC recommendations – and sharing that information with the public – are important tools to promote public safety.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.