Erika Estrada

Candidate for Atlanta City Council District 3


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What immediate actions can city council take to aid in curbing the violent crime occurring in Atlanta?

Curbing violent crime will be a long-term effort needing several courses of action, but immediate actions city council can take include allocating funding to programs and technology that prevent conditions that often are conducive for criminals to commit a violent crime. This could include increased funding for community-based violent crime prevention programs, increased funding for placement of street lights and cameras, and increased funding for emergency security patrols. 

Will you make affordable housing a priority of your term on the council, and what actions need to be taking to insure meeting the goal of 20,000 affordable homes by 2026?

Affordable housing is named as one of my top priorities for my term, should I be elected. I will fight for Atlanta families to ensure that the city is taking steps to make housing affordable for all and that we are making measurable progress towards the 20,000 affordable home goal. The main action that should be taken is to ensure that vision of the One Atlanta Housing Affordability Action Plan is being followed, tracked and reported accurately to the public. 

Will transit on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor be a top priority and how will you work fast-track it?

Transit improvements, which would include transit on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, is named as one of my top priorities for my term, if elected. If elected, I will work to create additional systems of transparency and regular reporting and governance structures that identify barriers, including waste, broken relationships within leadership and administrative red tape that are causing unnecessary delays in BeltLine transit projects. 

What can the council do prioritize combatting climate change? 

Council can prioritize combatting climate change by prioritizing funding and constituent knowledge of initiatives through the Office of Resilience that have already been created to fight climate change and reduce carbon footprint in Atlanta.  

What are three issues specifically affecting your district that you plan to address while on council?

Three issues specifically affecting my district that I plan on addressing are affordable housing, community engagement and public safety.

Collin Kelley

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