Keona Jones

Candidate for Atlanta City Council District 3


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What immediate actions can the city council take to aid in curbing the violent crime occurring in Atlanta?

Many of our citizens are victimized by people who they know. I feel that the City Council can take the following steps in order to reduce the occurrence of violent crime:

  • Partner with community organizations, NPU’s, Neighborhoods, Faith  and schools in connecting citizens with skills for coping and conflict resolution.
  • Work with APD in putting more on foot and bicycle patrols throughout the district.
  • Partner with mediation experts for all ages throughout the district for Youth through Adults.

Will you make affordable housing a priority of your term on the council, and what actions need to be taken to insure meeting the goal of 20,000 affordable homes by 2026?

We need to be both creative and aggressive in using public land, resources, and in building strategic public-private partnerships to reach our affordable housing goals. Through Atlanta City Design, MARTA’s Transit Oriented Developments, and the Beltline Plan, we are in position to make affordable housing happen, but we must show the will to carry the plans out. In addition, we need to continue to make sure that affordable housing initiatives serve a diverse socio-economic population in anticipation of Atlanta’s forecasted population explosion (1.2 million residents) by 2040.

Will transit on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor be a top priority and how will you work to fast-track it?

Yes. Affordable housing and public transit are intricately locked together. Several mechanisms must begin to work together in making this happen. A combination of the Federal, State, County, and municipal governments, the ARC, and MARTA must make an urgent push towards funding. The Biden Administration has already expressed that transit funding is a priority. The Atlanta Beltline is the right project (already recognized by the President) that can bring all of the necessary partners together for fast-tracking transit.

What can the council do to prioritize combating climate change?

Atlanta can continue moving forward with creating walk and bike trails that connect our neighborhoods and parks. Also, building our transit system throughout the Beltline corridor and tying it in with the More MARTA Plan will make a huge impact towards removing cars from the road.

What are three issues specifically affecting your district that you plan to address while on council?

Code Enforcement – make sure the codes are documented and enforced in our district.

Civic Engagement – people are too disengaged from their input into our current planning, zoning, and other processes. I will commit to improving communication for every citizen in our district to include government services, service organizations, and our public safety partners.

Scheduled implementation of the District’s plans – the overall Comprehensive Development Plans (CDP), district plan (D3 Westside Revive Plan), our community and corridor plans (Beltline,  D. L. Hollowell, Simpson Road, Vine City and English Avenue Redevelopment Plans), and our LCI studies (Bankhead, Vine City, and West Lake).

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.