Jason Dozier

Candidate for Atlanta City Council District 4

Website: https://votedozier.com

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What immediate actions can city council take to aid in curbing the violent crime occurring in Atlanta?

I believe in safer neighborhoods supported through strategies that broaden our public safety tools and rethinks the role of police in our communities. We must invest in wraparound services centered on social work, community organizing, and economic development, intervening in adverse behavior, and providing stability and opportunities for at-risk youth. We can do this by reopening and properly resourcing our recreation centers, providing at-risk youth with vocational, recreational, and learning opportunities that focus on behavioral intervention and promotes personal growth and social development.

Will you make affordable housing a priority of your term on the council, and what actions need to be taking to insure meeting the goal of 20,000 affordable homes by 2026?

Yes. My strategies to address this include the following: 

  • Create a Cabinet-level housing position that establishes goals and coordinate resources with Atlanta’s myriad housing agencies.
  • Expand funding for land banks or community land trusts, which would stabilize land costs and promote economic diversity in neighborhoods by ensuring community stewardship of land.
  • Adopt mandatory inclusionary zoning practices for transactions involving the sale or transfer of publicly-owned property.
  • Employ market-driven solutions, such as ending minimum parking requirements for new construction and removing traditional zoning requirements which would expand housing choices.
  • Hold shadow investors who hold blighted properties and code enforcement violators  accountable, which would increase the supply of available housing and open more opportunities to families across the city.
  • Expand Invest Atlanta’s home down payment assistance programs, strengthening the pipelines available for residents to become homeowners.
  • Work with county-level partners to develop new property tax exemptions for cost-burdened property owners

Will transit on the Atlanta BeltLine corridor be a top priority and how will you work to fast-track it?

The BeltLine was initially envisioned to connect communities across the City of Atlanta, and it will fail without necessary investments in rail and other transportation infrastructure: I am fully committed to ensuring that our city builds rail transit along the Beltline corridor. But transit can’t succeed without density. We must acknowledge the relationship between land use and transportation and work to reverse the damage caused by decades of development that’s been detrimental to pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users.

What can the council do prioritize combatting climate change? 

I believe that climate change is an intergenerational issue that requires the attention of leaders at every level of government, and so I will ensure that Atlanta plays a bigger role in reversing its effects. We are experiencing more frequent, longer-lasting, and heavier rain events at the same time that we are experiencing more development, which means our communities (and our aging pipes and other aging infrastructure) are having to deal with a larger abundance of stormwater runoff. We need legislation that recognizes this reality, and I support a stronger stormwater management ordinance. 

What are three issues specifically affecting your district that you plan to address while on council?

  • Atlanta needs to work harder to end displacement and preserve access to quality affordable housing in District 4 and beyond.
  • Slow streets are safe streets, and I’m fighting to ensure that the city invests in policies that will move Atlantans safely.
  • All Atlantans deserve to live in safer neighborhoods, supported through strategies that broaden our public safety tools and rethinks the role of police in our communities.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.