The city of Dunwoody has plans to consolidate some of its entertainment districts into one. 

During a Monday meeting, the Dunwoody City Council took a first look at a new Perimeter Center Entertainment District, which would combine previous entertainment districts into one, allowing residents to take alcoholic beverages from one place to another. 

“We have multiple entertainment districts in the Perimeter Center area, and so we decided to take this opportunity to consolidate the map and connect all of these different districts to allow flow between them,” said Senior Planner Madalyn Smith. “It’s intended to foster a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and is also supposed to economically benefit the licensed eating and drinking establishments.” 

The new entertainment district would include the previously approved Ashford Lane, High Street, and Perimeter entertainment districts, and also add a new entertainment district for the new Campus 244, a nearly 13-acre mixed-use development planned near Perimeter Mall. The Dunwoody Village Entertainment District would stay separated from the new district, according to a city spokesperson.

A proposed map of the newly consolidated Perimeter Center Entertainment District.

“We are including sidewalks and intersections to connect between these different entertainment districts,” Smith said. 

Councilmember Rob Price suggested adding a few more sidewalks to the map just to give residents more options as to where they cross the street. He also had concerns about what could be done to improve pedestrian safety in that area. 

“I think that as a council we need to have some pedestrian safety improvements in mind for the crossings in these entertainment districts,” he said. “I would hate to see something happen and we hadn’t thought about that.” 

The agenda item is expected to be back before the council at its next meeting. 

Update: this article has been updated with a comment from a city spokesperson that says the Dunwoody Village Entertainment District would be separate from the others if they were combined.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.