Scofflaw Brewery on the Westside will host the inaugural Punk Foodie Fest on Saturday, June 25, starting at noon. The brewery is located at 1738 McArthur Blvd.

The festival which will celebrate the creativity and vibrancy of the Atlanta underground dining scene, which has served to incubate some of the hottest restaurants in the city.

The Punk Foodie team curated eight up-and-coming chefs from the more than 900 Atlanta pop-up and food truck chefs it tracks on an ongoing basis.

Participating chefs are @bravewojtek (Eastern European), @jackalopeatl (Southern + Asian Fusion), @barangayatl (Filipino), @ganji.atl (American food, Korean Essentials), @pickledpeach_atl (Elevated Comfort), @thiccburgers (burgers and comfort food), @bamepopup (homestyle Vietnamese) and @loopholesatl (Vegan friendly donuts). 

The curated slate of chefs represents a broad expanse of global food, offering some cuisines or dishes that are not found anywhere in the city. The festival also highlights the chefs and the stories which inspire their creations.

For example, Ganji, fusing American comfort food with essential Korean ingredients reflects founders’ Jess Kim and Jun Park’s experience as Korean American immigrants. Their dish like the Snow Doggy Dog is not just tactical fusion of cuisines but rather a representation of the ‘in-between’ of their Korean-American identity coming from experiences like waiting in line at Costco and eating Korean style corn dogs at street fair. 

Subject to change, some of the dishes that will be available are Jackalope’s Reuben Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake filled with cabbage, pastrami and scallions topped with rye panko and thousand island kewpie; Pickled Peach’s Cubano with gruyere, Coca-Cola glazed ham and smoked pork; Bravewojtek’s Pork Kotlety Sando with fried pork chop, chokeberry butter, pate and spicy red cabbage slaw; and Barangay’s Crispy Binagoongan on jasmine rice.

In conjunction with the event, Punk Foodie is raising money to address food insecurity via the efforts of its Flavor Forward initiative via a lucky draw with over $2,000 in prizes from 20 partners, including leading pop-ups and restaurants. 

Follow Punk Foodie’s Instagram account to keep up with the latest on the event. Also, check out Punk Foodie’s pop-up event section at the How Do You Atlanta? calendar to find these and other chefs at pop-up events all over the city.  

Sam Flemming | Punk Foodie

Sam Flemming is the founder of Punk Foodie, the love letter, fanzine, and directory newsletter and Instagram account for the Atlanta underground dining scene.