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My Top 5 Something: Springs Publishing Editor-at-large Joe Earle

Joe Earle, editor-at-large for Springs Publishing, traveled back roads and highways throughout Georgia for years to locate the local oddities often described simply as “roadside attractions.” Along the way, he catalogued scores of the state’s one-of-a-kind monuments, markers and museums, and other strange sights standing on the side of the road. Here are his Top Five favorites.

Woodworker creates sculptures to sit on

Sabiha Mujtaba said the first chair she made was a rocker designed for a friend who was pregnant. It depicted a mother and child, with animals. It marked […]

Publisher’s Note: A new partnership

Today is an exciting day for all of us at Springs Publishing, especially the team that works on Atlanta Senior Life, our free, monthly publication that’s tailored to […]


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