Read coverage of the debate over Brookhaven cityhood, with the most recent stories at the top.

Brookhaven panelists battle over cityhood

We have bigger problems to be concerned about

We deserve a city of Brookhaven

Letters to the Editor – July 13

Brookhaven advocates begin to plan for city services

DeKalb police relocation pauses for Brookhaven vote

Mayors praise virtues of cities to Brookhaven crowd

Battle heats up over city budget numbers

Letters to the Editor: June 29

Why I’m voting ‘no’ on a new city of Brookhaven

City backers looking for volunteers to plan startup

Letter to the Editor: Welfare of the county is more important than a new city

‘Signs of the times’ as cityhood vote nears

Letters to the Editor – May 18

Letters to the Editor – May 4

Brookhaven vote will be July 31

Officials say cityhood studies are just suggestions

Letter to the Editor:  Neighborhood feels ‘steamrolled’ by cityhood talk

 Letter to the Editor: New city, no way

 Letter to the Editor: Vote offers chance to create ‘small, local city government’

Governor signs Brookhaven bill

Local groups rally to champion, fight city of Brookhaven

New city could impact county service

Letter to the Editor: Welfare of the county is more important than a new city

 Letter to the Editor: Do the math when contemplating proposed city

Letters to the Editor – March 23

Legislature approves city of Brookhaven bill

State Senate signs off on Brookhaven legislation

In the Senate, new city is Brookhaven again

House Governmental Affairs Committee recommends changing city of Brookhaven to city of Ashford

City of Brookhaven supporters want to vote in July, while opponents tell legislators to slow things down

Proposed new city could have four council districts

Some opponents consider taking new city to court

Letter to the Editor: City will provide consistent services, millage rate

Letter to the Editor: Cityhood = local representation

Letter to the Editor: Citizens of ‘Brookhaven’ must prepare priorities

Letter to the Editor: Welcome to Brookhaven… um, Ashford… um, Cross Keys?

New city goes to state Senate

Georgia House approves new city in north DeKalb County

A better procedure is needed when creating new cities

Brookhaven bill goes through first committee hearing

New city offers cut to DeKalb’s higher taxes

Residents pack Brookhaven hearing

Brookhaven on hold? DeKalb Commission considering asking for a moratorium on new cities

Study says: City of Brookhaven can be done with no millage hike

Brookhaven isn’t the first city to come along here

DeKalb wants new cities stopped to study their effect on county

Timetable adjusted for setting up proposed city of Brookhaven to allow November 2012 city election

Study finds city of Brookhaven possible without property tax hike

Boundaries for city of Brookhaven study released

Panel discusses Oglethorpe, Brookhaven’s economic climate

Dresden East residents oppose boundaries of city of Brookhaven study area

Community continues Brookhaven discussion

City of Brookhaven debate still draws a crowd

Information crucial before cityhood decision

New group forms to raise funds for city of Brookhaven study

Lawmakers propose creating city of Brookhaven

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