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From the editors of Atlanta Intown and Reporter Newspapers, Rough Draft is delivered to inboxes across metro Atlanta at 7 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Draft consists of four stories that takes less than four minutes to read. Edited by veteran Atlanta journalists, Amy Wenk, Collin Kelley, and Chad Radford, the newsletter is a clever, concise, and curated look at what’s happening around town.

A typical Rough Draft newsletter includes: 

 A quick view of the day’s weather. 

 An opening block with about four items that may be breaking news from overnight or other interesting things that are important and timely.

 The last part of the intro always tells readers what to expect in the email and gives them an incentive to keep reading.


Rough Draft has three types of sponsorship opportunities.

Logo Sponsor – one per day

  • Sponsor logo integrated into the header logo with “presented by” messaging. 

Sponsored Story – one per day

  • Photo with a watermark logo
  • A 125-word story with partner message and links
  • “Presented by” label

③ Native Text Ad – two per day

  • 330 characters, two emojis, links

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Examples of each sponsorship are below. 

For more information, email us.

Logo Sponsor

Sponsored Story

Native Text Ad


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Get on board the rocket ship.

 Subscribers: 3,630 (Growing 20% monthly)

 Open Rate: 51% (Industry Avg: 29% )

 Click Rate: 9% (Industry Avg: 5.5% )

Reader Feedback

“I really enjoy Rough Draft and am being introduced to new people and organizations I didn’t know about, which is saying a lot for an Atlanta native and lifelong resident that keeps her eye on a lot of the culture, news, and organizations of our city.”

  “I just got turned on to it. Typically I think I’m ahead of a trend and I’m way behind.”

 “Learned new things in RD today.”

 “I really enjoy your format. It’s quick and interesting. I think you my aim for the younger crowd but I am 71 and really enjoy the information you put out there and the way you present it.”

 “I was at dinner at a friends house and she wouldn’t stop talking about how much she loves Rough Draft.”

 “Why didn’t we have this when I was in New York?” 

 “This feels like a warm smile, it is very refreshing.” 

 “Really highlights the difference journalists can make. Same content told in a different way…even the weather!”

 “I especially appreciate the wide range of topics and the occasional sense of humor.”

 “You are rocking that email!”

 “I love Rough Draft, it has a great feel to it. In a short period of time you’ve already made your mark in Atlanta.”

 “I look forward to laughing at the opening of Rough Draft every day. It makes the news more memorable.”

“I feel so hip!”

 “You have a very cool concept. Great execution.” 

 “Rough Draft has given me the ability to take in the news again.” 

 “Just wanted to let you know I’m loving what you’re doing with Rough Draft.”

 “This is a good newsletter.”